Monday, November 24, 2014

RORO/ Car Shipping from or to Dubai UAE | Africa | Europe | Asia | Usa I AUS

RORO/ Car Shipping from or to Dubai UAE | Africa | Europe | Asia | Usa | Aus


City Moon Cargo, leading Freight forwarding Agent, ship cars worldwide by air, sea container and by RORO. Ro-Ro ships are large car ferries with no passenger accommodation. This is the cost effective method of shipping your car. For cars being shipped with personal effects, shipping by sea container is the most appropriate method. Specialist and high value cars can be sent by airfreight.

City Moon Cargo  will take care of all the shipping documentation and the necessary export customs formalities. We have custom bonded facility for online documentation. Once your car has departed on the vessel you will be sent the shipping documents and Bill of Lading also advising you of the expected arrival date at the port of importation. On arrival the vehicle will need to be cleared through customs and you must pay the clearing agent for the local duties, taxes and any other charges from the shipping line relating to the handling of the vehicle. We provide full insurance to our shipment fro

Photos of Chatering Vessel - Heavy Michanery Offloading


CITY MOON’S heritages lies mainly in Ocean freight trades. Recently we are handling break bulk /General Cargo. Bulk Cargo is commodity cargo that is transported unpackaged in large quantities. It refers materials heavy chachinery, liquid,granular,particulate form,  as a mass of relatively small soilds, such as petroleum/crude oil,grain,coal  or gravel.

A break-in-bulk point is a place where goods are transferred from one mode of transport to another, for example the docks where goods transfer from ship to truck.

City Moon Cargos Broker works closely with our customers in all aspects to arrange chartering asset business comprising carriers.Our bulk activities cover  tonnage segments from handysize up to capsizes, and the coordinated  efforts by our DE ensure  a truly global market coverage.  On a project basis, and in relation to all main tonnage segments, City Moon  Broker will develop attractive ship chartering opportunities for newbuilding projects and second-hand tonnage, combined with long term employment options.

City Moon Cargos  are active throughout the global bulk market, working with owners, operators, industrial companies and commodity traders worldwide, covering tonnage segments.
Our  activities are primarily focused on:

Ø  Express Door to Door (Air & Sea cargo)
Ø  Air & Sea Freight Service
Ø  FCL & LCL Services
Ø  Import & Export
Ø  Customs Clearing & Door Delivery
Ø  Packing & Removals
Ø  Special Door Delivery Services to GCC Countries
Ø  Arrange Insurance & Certificate of Origin
Ø  Container Stuffing & De Stuffing
Ø  Project Handling
Ø  Ware Housing
Ø  Customs Broker services
Ø  Bulk/General Cargo Handling
Ø  Hazards Cargo Handlers
Ø  Customer Broker