Thursday, June 5, 2014

City Moon Cargo-Leading Freight forwarding Company in Dubai,UAE

As a leading freight forwarding   Company City Moon Cargo  acts on behalf of importers, exporters or other companies or persons to organise the safe, efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods. City Moon  arrange the best means of transport, taking into account the type of goods and the customers' delivery requirements. They use the services of shipping lines, airlines and road and rail freight operators. offering consolidation services by air, sea and road freight services, ensuring cost-effective and secure solutions to small shippers who have insufficient cargo to require their own dedicated units.

City Moon’s air freight services for urgent and high-value freight and managing the risk door to door. We arranging charters for large volume, out-of-gauge or project movements by air and sea.
Acting as customs clearing broker, City Moon Cargo’s  negotiations worldwide to guide the freight efficiently through complex procedures. Dealing with special arrangements for transporting delicate cargoes, such as perishable, foodstuff, perfumes, cosmetic …. City Moon Cargo arranging courier and specialist hand-carry services to all destination. City Moon’s staff
working closely with customers, colleagues and third parties to ensure smooth operations to deadlines. As a shipping Company agent City Moon Cargo maintaining communication and control through all phases of the journey, including the production of management reports and statistical and unit cost analysis and acting as a consultant in customs matters.

At more senior levels as a  freight forwarding company City Moon, the role may also involve managing staff and overseeing activities within a department or specialising in a particular area, such as sea freight or air freight.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


City Moon  Cargo Services llc, the leading freight forwarding company’s team of customs clearance and brokerage professionals can prepare and submit your customs entry or declaration quickly and accurately, ensuring full compliance with all local regulations. Our online customs clearing filing solutions efficiency and consistency, moving your freight on to destinations. Anywhere, any time, on time. We are really proud of UAE customs advanced online facility.

Export restrictions and regulations can change rapidly in the global marketplace. City Moon Cargo’s team of Export professionals monitor these changes closely, and ensure that your export shipments are in full compliance with any necessary commodity license controls, security filing and restricted party screening requirement.

Import shipment compliance is important than ever before. City Moon’s import staffs are trained to identify regulations from all government agencies. We can assist you in obtaining any necessary import permit or certificate to keep your freight moving forward.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Basic Things Of A Good Shipping Company Top 10 successful traders ever (TopTipsNews of City Moon)

Basic Things Of A Good Shipping Company

Complete awareness of shipping treaties & international port protocols.

City Moon Cargo gives complete awareness of shipping treaties, port protocols. International freight shipping requirements are only fulfilled by hiring international freight shipping services as they have an all round knowledge about the international container shipping & freight shipping treaties. City Moon Cargo take lovely acre all of our customers about obligations like the port fee, & other local guidelines. Cargo can be moved to the preferred location, only after abiding by definite regulations.

 Relocation becomes hassle free.

Relocation becomes a hassle free to City Moon, when you are moving internationally. Hiring a freight shipper makes your journal less boring. Shipping companies take care of all hassles pertaining  to the  shipping & movement of cargo abroad.

 No custom clearance issues for your goods

City Moon Cargo gives clear information about custom clearing to all of client so there is no custom clearing issues.  Lovely freight shippers do have tie ups with the custom brokers, which facilitates in a hassle free custom clearance of your household goods. They make definite a safe freight & cargo movement abroad. City Moon also help in settling custom clearance issues for export & import cargo.

 Shippers have a network of reliable shippers & truckers

 Whether it is domestic freight shipping or international freight shipping, shipping companies need to establish network of reliable shippers & truckers. City Moon Cargo assure you that your household  will be transported abroad with no tampering. You truck enjoy a sound sleep at home, while your goods are transferred offshore.

 Shippers take care of the loading & unloading charges

 While hiring of the plenty of shipping companies for moving your goods abroad, you need not get perturbed about petty issues like port fees & loading & unloading charges. The freight shipping company will bear all these charges, to provide a smooth transfer of goods.

 Go for best shipping quotes

 With abundance of shipping companies on the planet, you must look for best shipping quotes, before hiring for you. Analyze the international shipping from different perspectives, before choosing for you. Watch out for paying any hidden fee towards the completion of the task.

 Freight shippers provide Insurance for your goods

 Only hire those shipping companies, which offer insurance cover for your goods, so that you may get the claim, if your goods are lost or damaged on the way to the location. City Moon Cargo  ought to be well equipped with an one line tracking process, so that the movement of your valuables can be tracked. A lovely shipper assures you an on time delivery of commercial & household goods, as they are well aware of all customs duty laws.